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For your 1st question, looking at just your dwelling area, indeed. You can divide the place equally into a 3×3 grid by measurement. 

Now on to the next query. Your key entrance does facial area into the dwelling space, with most of the condominium outside of the bagua map. We would not consist of the general public corridor, what’s exterior of your apartment doorway, on to your bagua. Even so, if you needed to do a bagua of the developing, you would use the principal entrance of the constructing (that faces the road).

The most straightforward way to use the bagua to your home is to utilize the bagua map to each individual room. This does not signify that you need to have to put an adjustment in every room, but in which it’s suitable for your requirements. For instance, if you want much more prosperity, maybe energizing the abundance area of your bedroom area and kitchen area location would assist. So, you’d discover that area in each and every of individuals rooms. 

But there are two issues to point out here. It may possibly be problematic that your kitchen area and bed room are outside the house of the bagua. It may perhaps indicate that your prosperity and really like is identified outdoors the house. There are approaches to provide back the locations that are outside the house of the bagua map making use of mirrors to visually and energetically mirror the rooms back again into the bagua. For instance, a mirror on wall of the dwelling space that can reflect via the hallway. It will deliver back again in the image of the rest of the condominium. 

Next, there is a blocked secondary doorway. Doors stand for the voices of the inhabitants of the household. You can open up it periodically to give that voice a chance to share, or there are more particular feng shui adjustments that a marketing consultant can share with you that will open up the vitality.

I hope this clears up some of your confusion! Thanks so considerably for writing in, and please enable us know how any changes you make change out! 

by Anjie Cho

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