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We are who we are currently due to the fact of the possibilities we have designed in our existence. As people, we are creatures of routine. In this quickly paced lifetime of ours, our practices arrive as a breeze of fresh new air because our brain has evolved to regulate the chaotic mess by owning us drop into a practice. As Warren Buffet puts it, “Chains of pattern are as well gentle to be felt, until finally they are too large to be broken”.

Rituals are, however, a refined extension of our routines. They are usually applied interchangeably with routines but in essence are pretty distinct. A routine is a thing you sort unconsciously and not think about. They just come about as you go. A ritual, on the other hand, usually takes your total interest into it. It is aware.  The that means at the rear of the endeavor transcends the purpose of your steps, therefore the most vital part of making a ritual is the objective at the rear of it. They can be extremely precise to the person creating them, considering that they are established with a incredibly specific intent in brain. Do you want to sense superior and are making a ritual of doing exercises or growing up early in the early morning, or do you want to get started your day with a ritual of meditation for clarity of mind throughout the day?

By maintaining the time of your ritual constant day-to-day, you empower your self and set up sacred that means to all those several hours. Marking time and space for your ritual presents it additional which means and endows it with energy. It does not issue if the time of your ritual is 4am or 4pm, the important point is, that its taking place the identical time day-to-day, or is consistent with a certain motion. E.g  my mom had a ritual of acquiring us eat a chunk of yogurt prior to leaving our home to do some thing significant, like an exam or an job interview. This is a widespread ritual in India and might not be regular with time, but is reliable with a precise function.

The crucial of rituals come into play mainly because they make us experience secure and protected. By building time for what you want to do, you accredit oneself and the process in hand. Personally for me, they maintain me going. I have a ritual of building my mattress initial issue right after acquiring out of the mattress in the early morning and its a sign to my human body to get the working day started off. Something as trivial as this provides focus and awareness to the moment. An additional 1 for me is sipping my espresso or tea in the afternoon although looking at the birds or squirrels exterior. My days are packed with so considerably exercise, thinking of that I am a mother, a small business operator, a author and household maker, that having out 10 minutes of my day to sip my chai in peace while performing one thing as mundane as observing squirrels gives my brain and body the necessary reset for the rest of the day. these rituals and numerous extra, have been a part of my everyday living for quite a few several years and I come across comfort and ease in them, They inform me my day has been heading as for each my approach and that all the things is in location as it really should be.

Honoring the rituals in your everyday living, empowers them. And anything that is empowered has the correct electrical power to continue to keep you likely. Rituals are essential, for our psychological and bodily wellbeing. Many family members have mattress time rituals for their children, such as my personal. Tub, brush, go through, chat, pray and rest sets a tone for my young children to let their bodies know to kick in melatonin and drift away to slumber land. Picking to be mindful and existing for your rituals helps make them sacred. Rituals are potent considering the fact that they aid us build routines, supplying the much essential structure to our days and lives. They supply comfort for the reason that they remind us we’re not alone. I would like to signal off with a lovely quote by Stan Jacob,  ” The good quality of your existence is in immediate relationship to the high quality of your habits and rituals”

Like and Gentle

Kanika Babal





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ADHD and Feng Shui

“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” is most often diagnosed in people when they are children, and it carries with them throughout their lives, but perhaps manifesting in different ways. It is recognized as a condition where the person will be very impulsive, will be unable to follow directions well, won’t be able to focus or remember information, and often has trouble organizing or accomplishing other tasks.

My little client, whom I will call Max, was 4 when his mom approached me in desperation after having tried everything under the sun for her son! She was at her wits end, but what we often forget is that it is equally frustrating for the child who is undergoing bouts of ADHD and living with it, while getting judged or misunderstood. On my visit to their home, and to Max’s room I noticed posters of superheros, a big bright car bed, shelves overloaded with books, and lots of gun and sword toys!!! Hmmm……rings a bell? It did to me.

We often underestimate the power of our surroundings and what our mind is feeding off of it. Don’t let the house and what’s inside get out of control. There is no need for a home to be piled high with junk. They don’t do anyone any good, and it will bring both the energy of the ADHD person and the vibe in the house, down. A child who is already overwhelmed in his personal environment is only getting more overwhelmed by the “too much” he sees around him. If a cluttered and disorganized room will create a stressful environment for someone without ADHD, just imagine what it would do for someone with it! Also, it can be useful to not display too many decorative pieces or articles around the house.

If it’s the child who has ADHD, don’t place too many toys or overstimulating items in their room. It will distract from the entire purpose of the child’s bedroom. In Max’s case, his bedroom had posters of super heros which reminded him of all the power struggles and fights, to top it all off he played with only guns and swords. All these are high stimulants for a kid with ADHD. It was imperative to rid his room of these stimulants. The person with ADHD has a mind that is always on the go. It can’t stop doing and thinking and just ticking along. The natural world can be a boon. I recommended Max’s mom to use essential oils to calm his senses down and keep stress balls in his space, that he can squeeze or play with. One great tool for these kids is a rubic cube puzzle. It can keep them occupied for hours and their energy can be well channeled. These toys and tools also help reduce the time with technology, which is a must. Studies are cropping up that are showing the connection between the use of electronics and lack of good sleep which in turn leads to muddled and over stimulated minds.For people with ADHD who are always moving, they especially need their sleep time to recharge and restore themselves to prepare for the next day. So, keep the use of electronics confined to a certain area of the house and for a certain time.

Colors have a significant impact on the way a room feels and the way people think when they enter it. Choose colors that stimulate calming energy such as blues and earthy tones. These colors do not overstimulate or over-energize. Consider painting a kids room in these colors. In Max’s room, the colors of red and orange created too much of fire element. Balancing it out with water and wood was essential. Wood is an earth element and therefore helps to bring calmness and a grounded feeling to the room. So, it was be a good idea to have a wooden bed in Max’s room.

If someone has this mental disorder, it doesn’t mean they aren’t capable, smart, or able to have relationships. But, this disorder can get in the way of a lot of things.As a child, it can display itself as poor behavior in the classroom because of distraction and impulsiveness , or as not doing homework because planning is too difficult. As an adult, it can manifest as forgetting appointments or due dates.Or, it could mean having a lot of relationship troubles because it’s difficult to listen and stay focused when someone is talking for extended periods, and it can be hard to remember dates or everything a partner has said. That is why Feng Shui tips are so great, since they help calm the immediate environment of the child or an adult which reinforces a sense of calm and togetherness in the person. It helps them feel renewed and confident.

In my work with kids, I have noticed a 60-70% change in their behavior immediately after applying Feng Shui tips to their room and space.Healing therapies like “Color Healing” and “Recenter Yourself”, that I offer, have done magic to boost the self confidence of the kids. Using the child’s date of birth, to see what element he is ruled by and then to balance his space with the appropriate elements can go a long way. The use of colors, the placement of furniture to allow the chi to flow freely and taking too much clutter and sound out of their space can help the child feel at home!

Feng Shui for ADHD

Kanika Babal

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Invite Success at your work!


Company configurations use two typical seating arrangements: personal offices (just one room for each employee) and the dreaded cubicle (or business isolation tank). The move to much more people sharing space, no matter whether in cubicles or not, contributes to an admirable flattening of hierarchies in just the corporation. On the other hand, the downside is sterility, a deficiency of privateness and private house you may perhaps sense like a device in a machine rather than a man or woman with specific requires and needs. Must that be the situation with you, there is an rapid require for correction, for a emotion of stagnation and boredom in a place that you expend 6-10 hours in, is not only detrimental for your progress but also your very well-becoming! This is how you can handle these situations.

In a non-public cabin, make guaranteed that the desk is in a command placement, meaning, when you are sitting down, you possibly encounter the door or can see it devoid of possessing to turn your self. If your office is incredibly irregular( not a sq. or rectangular), you can have inexplicable setbacks and steady frustrations at operate. If you just can’t swap workplaces, you can utilize the exclusive 9 environmentally friendly crops overcome: Insert nine healthier new crops to your place all on the exact same working day. The vegetation should be ordered new for the function of this heal. If easy, you can location the crops near certain irregularities in the space, this kind of as strange angles, posts, cramped spots, and so on. Or else, just adhere them the place they match best. For whole results from this get rid of, visualize that your work and job are heading really perfectly. If you have glass walls try to cover them with blinds to build some privateness. Like the vast majority of business employees, if you work under fluorescent lighting, you can use a couple helpful hints. You may well be able to substitute the tubes oneself with healthier entire-spectrum types or allow the all-natural mild come across its way into your area by retaining the blinds off the home windows. I really like the plan of getting a drinking water fountain in the cabin for some comforting appears of drinking water to address the substantial anxiety scenarios. Its greatest to hold the pics of cherished types and loved ones out of your place of do the job, so as to not confuse the chi with rest, and to be capable to concentrate better. Its your place of work, not your home. Lets keep the energies individual. Having a portray or a photograph of a mountain provides good luck and prosperity in do the job. If that can be included, there is not a superior success adjustment!

A cubicle is a much trickier Feng Shui situation than an place of work area. Cubicles are unfortunate paradigms of vulnerability for the person employee. One of the main problems is that you never use a true desk but perform from a counter major, except you work in one of the substantial manager style cubicles. Nonetheless, you can do a lot to make improvements to your circumstance. Bringing residing flowing electricity into your work place is a fantastic thought. Try to have a compact gold fish bowl on your desk to carry in the drinking water and Fireplace component (really do not forget about to feed the fish or change the water every so generally). Location a plant in your room to invite some wooden and Earth vitality. Always be guaranteed to maintain reside plants and not bogus kinds. Need to your again be facing the entry of the cubicle, consider to put a mirror in entrance of you, to reflect the entry. This is an outstanding Feng Shui adjustment if you simply cannot location your desk in a command posture. This adjustment will help with emotion of vulnerability at get the job done and retains your grounded.Invite Success at your work!

Acquiring a visualization chart in your business place is a good reminder of what you want to catch the attention of in your lifestyle. Only take a chart sheet and area pics that inspire you to be superior, happier and much more successful. Visualization, as a quantum system, is attaining a large amount of popularity, for you catch the attention of from universe, what you feed your senses. I like to put pics of sites I want to journey to, inspirational figures and coaches, sayings that inspire me and sometimes phrases that signify achievements on my “Visualization Charts”. My purchasers have discovered a great total of good results by using this procedure.

Very last but not the the very least, try to maintain the muddle at bay.The concept is that clearing away muddle allows carry in important strength which encourages clarity and concentrate. Overall, 70% of your desk must be cleared and be vacant space. You want to be in a position to get there at a clean desk when you get to function and depart with a cleanse desk at the finish of the day. Using the extra time to manage issues correctly and effectively will aid you from having to do it yet again in a couple months.An additional strategy is keeping an structured agenda that segments your operate appropriately. For occasion, do your paperwork at the time for each working day. Really do not test to multitask, as it will interfere with your doing the job memory. When scheduling, try to usually complete challenging tasks initially.

How you interact with our house is how the universe interacts with you! Continue to keep it clean up, loving and attractive! Sign up for a Company and Profession Feng Shui at

-Kanika Babal


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Are bunk beds bad Feng Shui?

One word answer…YES!!

Much as the bunk beds help save the space they are not considered good Feng Shui for the following 3 reasons:-

  • The person sleeping on top will experience sleeplessness because of the lack of support directly below the body.
  • There will be reduced energy getting to the lower bed because of the force of the upper bed on top.
  • The person sleeping in the lower bunk will feel inferior to the person in the upper bunk, potentially igniting fights between the two.

Its hard to come to terms with something like this that saves space, looks elegant and makes the room look bigger. And how lovely is it for kids to share their space and learn how to coexist. So what can we do to make the bunk beds Feng Shui conducive? Before we look at these tips, I would still like to stress that if space is not a constraint, keep the bunk beds as your last option. Lets see how we can make bunk bed adjustments.

First and foremost, make sure that the bunk beds are not made out of metal. They must be made out of solid wood. The element wood supports sleep and gives a sense of stability. If the bunk beds can be built into the wall, that would further add an element of strength and stability. Make sure that each bed has its own headboard. I cannot stress enough the importance of headboards for good sleep. Secondly, paint the bottom of the upper bunk or cover it with a fabric with calming colors, night sky, clouds, etc. Just make sure to avoid too dark of a color, as you don’t want your child in the bottom bunk to feel like they are in deep water. This would give them a sense of not being under someone else’s bed and hence would reduce the feeling of being dominated or inferior. Thirdly, make sure that the bunk bed does not squeak or rock when kids are flopping around on the top bunk. This is both unsafe and takes away the feeling of being grounded. Having a solid stable bunk beds is imperative. Lastly, secure the top bunk bed from all sides so there is a feeling of security while sleeping on top. It might be a good idea to have  a tent like enclosure on top or even solid wood support on all 3 sides while a headboard on fourth.

If you feel your kids are fighting a lot and sleeping on bunk beds, I recommend a small water fall in the room. The soothing sound of water helps with sleep while the element water helps diminish the fire a.k.a fights. Feng Shui is very intentional, so make sure your adjustments hold the right intentions. Be sure that the bunk bed is placed in the command position, i.e  the door of the room, can be seen while a person is on the bed. Also make sure that no windows are covered in the room by the bunk beds. Pay close attention to the colors in the children’s room. The kids room must be fun yet provide  a feeling of security. Use of earthy natural colors is highly recommended while avoiding the fiery reds and royal blues.

Your kids must enjoy their space while simultaneously connecting with it. If your kid is constantly agitated or irritated, and none of the above solutions seem to help, it might be time to pick up the phone and call me!

Love and Light,

Kanika Babal

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Home is a Feeling!

Home is a feeling, warm like the sun
Inside everyone needs a safe place to run…

Out of the many blogs I have written on home, good Feng Shui, positioning of the furniture, importance of elements etc, the one thing that underlines it all is “the feeling of home”. You may get everything right in your house per Feng Shui, but what really turns the house into your home is your connection with it, your intuition. I can never talk enough about the importance of a ” Home Naming Ceremony”(read previous blog) in this regard. Our homes are the reflections of our lives. The happiest and the saddest moments are often contained in them. And sometimes, unknowingly, we turn our homes into “houses of pain”.  This is a very subtle change that takes years to fructify. And it all starts when we start to overload our homes with things that do not bring us joy or serve us any purpose. Ah! the dresses in the closet that do not fit us anymore, but yes one day when we lose weight, they will…surely worth keeping them for a few years. My advice, if you don’t lose the weight within one year, donate them! For years I have been a victim of this thought process, until my senses gave up on looking at the same clothes in my closet that were not worn for years! And what about that wedding dress that is still hangs in closet after a divorce? Don’t forget the old tea set you inherited from grandma, she will surely be unhappy in heaven if you part with it now, even if you have never used it or never will.Home is a Feeling!

The general rule to follow is, if you are not using something for over 6 months, put it in a box, in your garage. If you don’t miss that stuff in another 3 months, donate the box- pronto! Whatever brings your energy down, does not belong in your space. Get rid of the thought, ” what if one day I need it”, the chances are, if you didn’t need it so far, you possibly won’t in a couple years.  And that’s how you really honor your space and intuition. Learning to let go of old obligations to things that serve as reminders of what didn’t happen in your life, is an art to be embraced. Give yourself permission to throw them away. Let your home speak of your tastes, your life, your adventures and your happiness. I also would like to mention here that things bought in a garage sale, often have the energy of the previous owner, so unless you know the family well, keep away from other people’s seconds.

Home is a Feeling!“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams. The magic thing is that it feels good to leave, but it feels even better to come back”. Your space is sacred to the memories you make, the relationships you build and where the laughter never ends. Such a space must be honored and taken care of. Keeping things clutter-free and organized, goes a long way in helping you connect with your space. Open the windows of your home to let the fresh air and sunlight seep in and bless your home. Invite birds via bird feeders and bird baths to stir up the chi with other life forms. Pet a fish or a dog or a cat or something! Keep your front entrance clean and beautiful and hang wind chimes. Bring in some plants and change those bed sheets every so often.  Keep a mental tab of what you own and how much. Often times we lose track of our possessions and they become a dead part of our homes blocking the chi.  Making a home out of a house does not require you to spend a lot of money, it just requires you to be conscious of your space!

Embrace your home. Make it the best feeling in the world!

Love and Light

Kanika Babal


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Can Feng Shui keep you Covid safe?

Owning endured the pandemic for in excess of 50 % a yr, like most of you looking through this, I have attempted to maintain myself and my relatives delighted and safe and sound with the assist of Feng Shui. There is certainly no substitute to currently being cautious and mindful about wearing masks, washing fingers and keeping a risk-free length amidst other points, but in advance of we leap into how we can Feng Shui our spaces to hold our minds and bodies balanced, allows dive into the most eminent facet of Covid- “Fear!”

“Fear” produces anxiety, nervousness creates panic and stress potential customers to a compromised immune method. Placebo is a real issue so is nocebo. Unfavorable wondering can impact our immune system tremendously. At any time expert a overall health care supplier speaking about likely facet results of a treatment and feeling them proper after the initial dose? Or a health practitioner telling a cancer affected person he only has 3 months to live and boom, he dies accurately then. Our mind performs video games and does precisely what we make it think. Anxiety, so, performs a pivotal part not just throughout Covid but also any sickness. Residing fearless does not signify dwelling carelessly with out any precautions. There is a distinction. Anxiety stops us from residing our finest existence and residing our complete likely.  I seldom feel powerful anxiety any more but I am careful in unfamiliar situations. Just due to the fact I live a everyday living that is not dread dependent does not imply that I do not use warning when crossing the street or driving down an unfamiliar road for case in point.

Feng Shui sensible, I have these effortless 6 ideas to include into you residence and lifetime to hold the virus off:-

  1. Declutter your home and place: Also a great deal stuff in our homes not only can make it more durable to clear but the extra also clogs our minds. Having only a several items that we use typically, keeping our closets and drawers decluttered, spacing our household furniture out, all support hold our minds absolutely free. The far more we see around us, the much more we have to course of action. Therefore our minds and bodies reply really very well to a clean up, decluttered space thus holding our immune system nutritious.
  2. Contemporary Air: Fresh new , very good top quality air is usually dismissed and is a substantial well being priority. Enable your doors and windows open up and invite some new air into your room. Now that most men and women are doing the job from house and paying a lot more instances indoors, its even extra essential to enable new in and boost the Chi of your household.
  3. Sufficient Purely natural Light-weight: Light-weight is an vital nutrition for our properties. Feng Shui is all about strength and mild is the strongest manifestation of power. The vibe of our residences is greatly identified by how significantly light we enable into our houses. Sunlight is a normal disinfectant and purely natural light-weight is also fantastic for illnesses like Melancholy or Parkinson.
  4. The overall health Trinity: There is a impressive strength link among 3 feng shui spots in your house that are connected to your effectively-staying: your bed room, your bathroom, and your kitchen area. This feng shui trinity wants to be treated correct due to the fact your health is linked greatly to it. Keeping these a few parts of your residence clear, airy and honoring the house with correct bagua hues will drastically aid holding you harmless and wholesome. Your bed room must be a pleasurable position to open your eyes and start out the day. Your lavatory really should be clean up, organized and uncluttered. Your kitchen should be vivid and cheerful with fantastic light-weight and a snug energy.
  5. Clove oil: Clove oil is anti -viral. Keeping some cloves in your pockets or diffusing some oil in your dwelling can be extremely beneficial. You could also use a drop of clove oil while getting steam, to distinct your lungs.
  6. Potted Crops: Crops have innate positive chi, crystal clear the air of allergens, and truly do miracles for us. Aloe encourages therapeutic, when orchids deliver forth calmness and clarity. Some plants like snake vegetation in a natural way terminate quite a few of the allergens and risky organic and natural compounds that are current in cleansing products. How awesome is that? Sage is a purifying plant that quickly grows outdoor in distinctive kinds of climates. It grows and grows, and will sooner or later deliver you with plenty of leaves to make your have sage smudge adhere. Jade is identified to draw in wealth, so continue to keep as a lot of as you can in your house.

Our residences are a reflection of ourselves. Take into consideration the items you convey into your dwelling, how you arrange them, and how you sustain or adorn them. In Feng Shui, it is thought that all the things, even inanimate objects, has power (or chi.) Arranging your residence in accordance to its rules assists stability those energies and be certain it flows freely in the course of your home. Balancing features like Fire, Earth, H2o, Steel and Wooden can have a calming effect in your space.

I hope this stage of our life will be over soon and we will be ready to resume to standing quo. On the other hand, these instances are training us more about ourselves and our surroundings. So a lot that we took for granted, our spouse and children time, the reality that we could go to a movie corridor or a evening meal fearlessly, or even the way we taken care of Mom Earth. New standard is in order and the sooner we understand to be extra compassionate and loving in direction of every other and ourselves, the less complicated we will regulate to the newer moments. Be thankful for what you have right now. Its time to go in and introspect. Be you. Be cost-free.

Kanika Babal

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The little hearts that hear us

Our subtle body language and lifestyles become the beliefs our daughters have in their tender hearts and intellect about their individual bodies and worthiness. How we, as moms, act and behave in-front  of them, sets the roots of how they will sooner or later develop into. Somebody rightfully mentioned, daughters are the shadows of mothers. That is how we create stronger families, communities, nations around the world and world. Love will never ever go unanswered, no subject what. Period of time.

Solve not be belittled by some others and  to stand up for yourself. Their small hearts, quickly to be teenage hearts turning into young hearts will know immediately what to look for in adult males. How to be treated by them and how much to maintain up with. The girls see you, in your each day associations, with the gentlemen, mates, associates in your everyday living. Every single second is a instant of studying. So be absolutely sure to usually continue to keep these subtle signals positive and comprehensive of discovering. It does not necessarily mean we are not permitted to break down, but it does necessarily mean that we should rise once more to set the correct illustrations.

Let our daughters only carry stories of power, of bravery, of kindness. May well they get there stronger, as healers, as academics, as loving mothers with a very deep knowledge of like to draw from!

Allow them to falter and continue to be cherished, allow for them to are unsuccessful and however be recognized, enable them to harm and support them heal, let them to slide and be prepared to wipe off the tears. Allow them emerge as a more powerful version of the new (wo)mankind! Permit them emerge as a much better model of you!

-Kanika Babal

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How to choose a purse for travelling

How to choose a purse for travelling

If you love travelling then the one thing you always want to have with you is a comfortable – gynaikeies tsantes – bag. Neither a big one nor a small one, just a travel purse that you are comfortable with. The top tips on how to choose a purse for travelling are waiting for you below.

If you have faced problems while choosing a purse that you need for travelling then you are exactly where you should be. We have prepared a guide on how to choose a purse for travelling just for you, so keep reading to get more details.

  1. Decide on the size

The size is the number one thing that matters when it comes to the purse. Make sure to choose something that is more close to your style and something that you are already used to using.

For example you cannot wear an oversized tote bag everyday and suddenly choose a small clutch or envelope bag for your vacation. It will not be functional as you will not be able to put your stuff in it and you will basically not be comfortable during your trip.

A backpack or a bucket bag is an excellent choice as they come in various sizes and shapes and they can certainly fit your most important stuff, travel documents and an extra shirt if needed.

  1. Think about the material

The material of the bag plays an important role too. You will need a durable material that will not easily get destroyed by the extreme use of the bag. You know how when you are travelling you do not really pay attention on your bag, especially when you are in a hurry.

For that matter, we are going to advise you to choose a durable material such as leather or another high-end fabric that won’t be torn easily, leaving your personal items compromise in the middle of your vacation.

  1. Means of travelling

Another point that might not seem important but really is, is the means of transport that you will be travelling with. Is it your car? Is it the bus or a train? A plane? A ship? Choose your bag wisely while bearing in mind the means of transport.

Bear in mind that if you are travelling on an airplane your bag will be left at the bottom of your seat; at least during takeoff and landing. You will not want your expensive bag to lie on a dirty floor so we advise you to have a designated bag for your travels only.

The same goes for buses and trains, as a bigger and heavier bag will eventually get you tired. Then you will need to leave your bag at the floor and we do not want that. A good idea in order to avoid that is a backpack or a strap bag – τσάντες ώμου –that are easy to hang.

  1. Are you travelling for fun or work?

If you are travelling for fun then you will not need a big bulky bag. Why? Because you will not probably need your computer or a bunch of other things that would crowd your bag and leave you very little space.

In case that your vacation is for work-related issues then you will probably need a bigger bag. Carrying your computer, other important documents, more formal clothing etc., might require even two handbags.

This way you will need a bigger bag for your trio and then another one for your conferences, dinners etc.

  1. New mums

If you are a new mum and you want to choose a purse for travelling, you need to think about your baby too. Choosing a small purse will not be functional as you will be needing more than your wallet and phone.

Invest on a large backpack that will be able to accommodate not only your needs but your baby’s too. It will fit diapers, a change of clothes, baby bottles and many more, leaving your hands free and not requiring a separate baby bag.

Even if your kids are not babies, you know that as a mum you must have extra snacks, books and toys with you just to keep them distracted during your trip. So be smart and go for a bigger tote bag or a classic backpack – gunaikeia backpacks.

  1. During which season are you travelling?

Do not forget that the season plays its role too. And what do we mean by that? If you are travelling during summer it is fine to wear whatever bag you like. But remember that if the weather is hot, a heavy and extremely big bag will make your trip difficult.

On the contrary, during fall or winter, a bag made out of cotton or any light fabric will get easily wet in case it will begin raining. Just make sure to check the weather forecast before you pack!

  1. Travel bags for men

We always forget men when we are talking about bags. Men are travelling too and they are in need of tips in order to choose the right bag. Men need to take the tips mentioned at the categories above and put them to use.

Make sure to choose the correct size that answers to your needs. You can either go with a backpack, a messenger bag or even a belt bag. It really depends on the things that you wish to carry with you when travelling.

Overview on how to choose a purse for travelling

We hope that our tips on how to choose a purse for travelling were useful and that they will help you during your next trips. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks about fashion and bags for women!

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A space that invites wealth

Creating a place that invites prosperity and abundance at house is a desire for each individual one of us. Prosperity and Abundance is a major space of concentration in Feng Shui. Nonetheless the even larger dilemma is, how does mending a house, invite prosperity into our life? Here’s the uncomplicated response- Our minds feed off our natural environment. An atmosphere that speaks of abundance and prosperity, can make an impression on our unconscious head and the regulation of attraction usually takes demand. Intention is the essence of Feng Shui.

Individually, I like to combine Feng Shui with a small little bit of crystal grid concept. Making a crystal grid for attracting wealth, with a collection of wealth crystals and prosperity stones like Citrine, Pyrite, Jade, Aventurine and Very clear Quartz, can do wonders. Below is a grid for the placement of these crystals for your benefit. Ideally this grid have to be placed in the home place of work or the wealth corner of household. The south east of any area, house, office or yard is the common prosperity corner.

Feng Shui also helps you use various techniques to develop an setting at residence and in the business office that will reinforce you and entice the feng shui energies of prosperity and prosperity. The most important component of this is retaining your area litter-absolutely free. Clutter confuses the chi and also us. Have you ever found the desk of anyone buried in function all the time? Its complete of clutter! Litter creates a vicious cycle of stress and disharmony. I enjoy the rule of 9, which indicates that you only choose up 9 issues each working day , if your clutter is in excess of whelming you and you do not know the place to begin. The quicker you start, the sooner you apparent the route for the prosperity chi to enter your space.

Trying to keep your entrance door in very good functioning condition is vital for prosperity to flow into your house. Lots of houses just use the garage doorway to enter the household, thus generating their front doorway ineffective. The prosperity Chi enters our house by the entrance door, so even if you are not using it, be confident to open up it each and every so typically to permit the contemporary air in. Continue to keep the entrance doorway route absolutely free of any obstacles, garbage cans, toys or superfluous stuff. Ideally the front doorway must be well lit and need to glimpse inviting. Throwing some potted crops and a “welcome” rug are terrific additions to the entrance doorway.

Just one of my most loved wealth adjustments is organizing my wallet. Feel it or not, the way you deal with your wallet sends an significant information to the universe. Continue to keep your wallet with as considerably less credit cards as possible. A lot more credit cards signify a everyday living of more credit. Debit cards nonetheless have an reverse vitality. They signify your prosperity accumulation. Make sure to not retain any charges or receipts in your wallet. Just as your house, preserve your wallet gentle. And on that notice, do not retain any unpaid payments in your prosperity part. Pay them, file them and set them away. They should not be noticed just about everywhere all around the household.

I also hugely recommend retaining un-popped corn on leading of the toilet tanks. Bathrooms are regarded to drain prosperity. Preserving un-popped corn will assist prevent that drainage and maintain your cash again in the household. To incorporate to that, would make guaranteed to constantly continue to keep the toilet lids shut.

Inserting a mirror at the rear of your stove is one more exceptional wealth adjustment. A mirror doubles your stove, thus doubling the abundance. Placing a mirror in the eating space will double the volume of food items on your desk throughout foods and functions as a stimulate to bring twice your present abundance. Make absolutely sure your mirror is major sufficient so it doesn’t minimize off the heads of those sitting down at the table.Set a bowl of garlic as a dining desk centerpiece to accumulate wealth. This can be any variety of bowl. The garlic does not will need to be real. You can select any imitation garlic. Gold-colored garlic is also a great alternative. Whilst the north sector governs career, a lot of people glimpse to their earnings for their principal prosperity. The element for the north is water. To encourage this sector for occupation results and subsequently enhance your earning probable and prosperity, you can add a h2o aspect. Preserve the h2o element, either a tabletop drinking water fountain or aquarium in proportion to your space. Far too a great deal drinking water will drown you occupation and earning prospects. As with all matter feng shui, equilibrium is critical. You can also incorporate metallic to this place because metal attracts drinking water. Use metal objects, these types of as wall art or furnishings. Do steer clear of sharp and pointed metallic objects due to the fact these build poison arrows.

And as with all Feng Shui ideas and adjustments, your intention performs a sturdy part. Continue to keep your intentions good and intent to appeal to cash by means of these adjustments. Its crucial to not experience the deficiency, even if you do encounter it. The more grateful you truly feel for what you have than experience negative about what you never, the a lot more you will established the universe conspiring to fork out your gratitude. And as constantly, come to feel absolutely free to leave your queries or comments underneath.

-Kanika Babal


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Reverse Energy Depletion | Heaven & Earth Feng Shui

Allows start off by being familiar with what is energy depletion? To deplete is to use up minimal assets. It fundamentally suggests to drain. We are not conversing about draining of strength due to bodily strain right here, although that could add to it, on the other hand, right here our most important topic of dialogue is mental drainage and one particular can be mentally drained even following a prolonged restful night time, or even right after not possessing accomplished nearly anything laborious bodily. Being energetically drained indicates a reduction in our capability to operate optimally.

Each individual a person of us, in this time and age, is likely through some form of individual bankruptcy in phrases of psychological electrical power. Lifetime has turn into way also complicated and there is way too a great deal to execute in the minimal time we have. Children, home, work, terrible careers, men and women, life use up our power assets that we neglect to replenish.  Absence of electricity is anything that looks to plague us all as we develop into busier with our lives. But there is a good line concerning when very low electrical power is a end result of currently being fast paced, and when it’s a sign of something far more really serious. Tiredness and lack of strength are frequently claimed as symptoms of what afterwards turns out to be a sobering overall health concern.

.  I outlined in one particular of my posts before that even though leisure ought to be a absolutely free issue, mankind spends a fortune accessing it and getting methods to de-pressure and loosen up. EMF has become our way of survival and in an attempt to be normally connected, we are massively disconnecting, with our close types and with ourselves. We are functioning like zombies. E.g a very long working day at function can be depleting, increase to that a lousy discussion with a co-worker, an argument with wife or husband, taking in unhealthy, not doing work out, and eventually  resorting to medicines or alcohol to tune you out and numb the thoughts of currently being incompetent. And then commence the upcoming working day, with an by now destructive strength stability in our accounts, due to the fact we didn’t make the right decisions to replenish it prior to starting the new day. And the vicious cycle continues, till we have nervous breakdown, finish up in a clinic or with a ton of anti depressants in our drugs closets. Phew, that is how we are pretty much functioning. And we have all been there, in some capacity or the other.

But, as often, its in no way also late. Electricity is an straightforward useful resource to replenish, not like funds or wellness, which are the offshoots of the previous depletion. In advance of I go into people awesome tricks, permit me inform you a minor personalized tale from past week. My 8 12 months previous, made superior fever and a emotion of what she explained as ” strength depletion” herself. The fever almost certainly was  body’s mechanism to offer with the syndrome. Sure, young ones get it much too. She woke up fever totally free the following day, but I caught the trace and I made the decision to preserve her house. Immediately after our early morning routines, we resolved to go into our yard barefoot, and sat with our backs towards a tree. The tree energy can be very grounding and walking barefoot on earth is virtually equivalent to earthing our bodies. soon after expending about an hour in the sunshine and mother nature, we came back again inside, drank a ton of lemon h2o, meditated a small and she felt particularly exhausted and went back to sleep. Quick forward to midday, she woke up, and reported she’s under no circumstances felt so good in times. What we just did listed here with her, was recharging her strength batteries. No medications, no medical doctor. If an 8 12 months outdated can feel like this with all the research, sports activities and  college anxiety, envision what our strain ought to truly feel like to our bodies.

So the variety 1 matter I advocate all my customers to do is, going out in character for at minimum 20 minutes a working day. Cold or hot, permit your bodies determine it out. Operate, walk, sit, and preserve your telephones away in this length. Costume up or gown down for each weather and enable the trees, the ground, the new air, fill up your existence for just a few minutes. There is actually no substitute to walking barefoot on earth. Just like we earth our electricals for basic safety and useful functions, we will have to earth our bodies much too. These times earthing mats or mattresses are becoming marketed, that can enable ground you.

Next, try to wind down for a several minutes in advance of bedtime. The time just prior to hitting the sack is auspicious. Pay attention to some tunes, light up some candles or read. Do anything other than function, Tv set, mobile phones or desktops. Just be with your self. This is also an excellent time for self introspection or meditation. And if you are not into meditations, discover some of my guided meditations on social media. There are a ton on you tube as very well. Guided meditations are like assistance wheels on bicycle. They guide you until you are superior to go on your individual. Obtaining into theta brainwaves is so good for your energy. It is in this point out manifestations accomplish.

And finally, I endorse next a hobby or and electricity artwork like Tai Chi, Yoga or Marshal arts. These disciplines hook up our minds with our bodies and help replenish our strength fields. Pursuing a passion, portray, songs or regardless of what delivers pleasure to your coronary heart can be eternally blissful for your soul. And when the coronary heart is satisfied, the entire body is content. 1 of the solutions that my enterprise features is ” Re-centering yourself” which is all about recharging your batteries with distinctive modalities. And as soon as these modalities turn out to be a portion of your existence, you will hardly ever have to be energetically discharged.

Daily life is passing us by far too speedily. Try out to eat healthier, training and be the ideal version of yourself. Bear in mind you are unable to pour from an vacant jug, so do not neglect to replenish on your own ahead of attempting to give way too considerably of you to other people today, jobs or lifestyle by itself! Reside your heart wild and free of charge!

~ Kanika Babal

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