How to choose a purse for travelling

How to choose a purse for travelling

If you love travelling then the one thing you always want to have with you is a comfortable – gynaikeies tsantes – bag. Neither a big one nor a small one, just a travel purse that you are comfortable with. The top tips on how to choose a purse for travelling are waiting for you below.

If you have faced problems while choosing a purse that you need for travelling then you are exactly where you should be. We have prepared a guide on how to choose a purse for travelling just for you, so keep reading to get more details.

  1. Decide on the size

The size is the number one thing that matters when it comes to the purse. Make sure to choose something that is more close to your style and something that you are already used to using.

For example you cannot wear an oversized tote bag everyday and suddenly choose a small clutch or envelope bag for your vacation. It will not be functional as you will not be able to put your stuff in it and you will basically not be comfortable during your trip.

A backpack or a bucket bag is an excellent choice as they come in various sizes and shapes and they can certainly fit your most important stuff, travel documents and an extra shirt if needed.

  1. Think about the material

The material of the bag plays an important role too. You will need a durable material that will not easily get destroyed by the extreme use of the bag. You know how when you are travelling you do not really pay attention on your bag, especially when you are in a hurry.

For that matter, we are going to advise you to choose a durable material such as leather or another high-end fabric that won’t be torn easily, leaving your personal items compromise in the middle of your vacation.

  1. Means of travelling

Another point that might not seem important but really is, is the means of transport that you will be travelling with. Is it your car? Is it the bus or a train? A plane? A ship? Choose your bag wisely while bearing in mind the means of transport.

Bear in mind that if you are travelling on an airplane your bag will be left at the bottom of your seat; at least during takeoff and landing. You will not want your expensive bag to lie on a dirty floor so we advise you to have a designated bag for your travels only.

The same goes for buses and trains, as a bigger and heavier bag will eventually get you tired. Then you will need to leave your bag at the floor and we do not want that. A good idea in order to avoid that is a backpack or a strap bag – τσάντες ώμου –that are easy to hang.

  1. Are you travelling for fun or work?

If you are travelling for fun then you will not need a big bulky bag. Why? Because you will not probably need your computer or a bunch of other things that would crowd your bag and leave you very little space.

In case that your vacation is for work-related issues then you will probably need a bigger bag. Carrying your computer, other important documents, more formal clothing etc., might require even two handbags.

This way you will need a bigger bag for your trio and then another one for your conferences, dinners etc.

  1. New mums

If you are a new mum and you want to choose a purse for travelling, you need to think about your baby too. Choosing a small purse will not be functional as you will be needing more than your wallet and phone.

Invest on a large backpack that will be able to accommodate not only your needs but your baby’s too. It will fit diapers, a change of clothes, baby bottles and many more, leaving your hands free and not requiring a separate baby bag.

Even if your kids are not babies, you know that as a mum you must have extra snacks, books and toys with you just to keep them distracted during your trip. So be smart and go for a bigger tote bag or a classic backpack – gunaikeia backpacks.

  1. During which season are you travelling?

Do not forget that the season plays its role too. And what do we mean by that? If you are travelling during summer it is fine to wear whatever bag you like. But remember that if the weather is hot, a heavy and extremely big bag will make your trip difficult.

On the contrary, during fall or winter, a bag made out of cotton or any light fabric will get easily wet in case it will begin raining. Just make sure to check the weather forecast before you pack!

  1. Travel bags for men

We always forget men when we are talking about bags. Men are travelling too and they are in need of tips in order to choose the right bag. Men need to take the tips mentioned at the categories above and put them to use.

Make sure to choose the correct size that answers to your needs. You can either go with a backpack, a messenger bag or even a belt bag. It really depends on the things that you wish to carry with you when travelling.

Overview on how to choose a purse for travelling

We hope that our tips on how to choose a purse for travelling were useful and that they will help you during your next trips. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks about fashion and bags for women!

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