When To Place Your Annual 2020 Feng Shui Cures

I receive so lots of concerns about the timing of the placement of the yearly feng shui cures, so I assumed to tackle this problem simply because I know you could have it as well!

We all know about the Chinese New Calendar year, which is a 15 day celebration that commences on the 2nd New Moon of the New Year. in 2020, the Chinese New Year is on January 25th.

There is also the Solar New Yr, which is on February 4, 2020. As with numerous matters in feng shui, there are various opinions among advisor as to the most effective timing of the feng shui cures — is it on Lunar New Year or is it on Photo voltaic New 12 months?

The most effective way to go is to put at least a person get rid of — with a strong intent — on the Lunar New Year, as effectively as to uncover the finest timing for it, which is usually amongst 11 am and 1 pm. This would be your main feng shui cure, in terms of the space you want to enhance and concentration on additional, as nicely as what you want to draw in, transform, etc.

Then you can agenda a handful of additional sessions amongst January 25 and February 4, 2020 to position the rest of the cures.

Here’s the finest way to go about it in buy to restrict tension and catch the attention of most fantastic vitality. (Striving to produce superior feng shui in your house although feeling the tension of owning it done appropriate  and rapid is NOT superior feng shui, remember to know that.)

So, below are a several basic techniques to assist the process go smooth and well:

1. Review the yearly feng shui strategies for each and every bagua space and define what is essential in your distinct household.

2. Make a listing of the desired cures – do you need to have to purchase new types or can you reuse the types you have? If you decide to reuse, be guaranteed to cleanse and activate them (I have information about it below on Patreon). If you come to a decision to purchase new feng shui cures, we have most of them in our on-line feng shui retailer.

3. Produce a system as to when you will apply the improvements and be precise with its timing. Best not to location the annual cures following the sunset, adhere to the ideal timing stated over.

4. Timetable a several sessions, you do not require to do it all in a single session. Be intentional about this procedure, do not rush, be crystal clear with your intent for each and every unique feng shui treatment. 

5. Be absolutely sure to clear the energy in your place in advance of positioning the annual cures.

6. Do not be concerned to experiment and see which decor features operate most effective as unique cures in specific locations this calendar year. Shift items all-around a little bit and see how they all connect. You want a perception of harmony involving all the annual and the long-lasting feng shui cures.

7. Try out to have them all in position by the Solar New Calendar year, which is February 4th.

8. Do not be concerned to make small adjustments at any time for the duration of the 12 months. This particularly applies to your salt h2o heal — if it becomes “energetically exhausted”, take out and alter it immediately.

Now, here what is essential to comprehend — it is by no means far too late to implement the yearly feng shui cures, so if it is April or June when you are looking through this and make a decision to apply it, by all means, go for it, your property will thank you!

At the deepest level, actual physical time IS an illusion and your intent and internal electricity can produce remarkable alter, considerably more than the particular timing. Nevertheless, if you can combine both of those — the excellent timing and the power of your intent — you can basically start out manifesting miracles.

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When To Place Your Annual 2020 Feng Shui Cures

Rodika Tchi

Rodika Tchi is a feng shui qualified, author, and printed author. Her company, Tchi Consulting, presents feng shui solutions internationally. Rodika’s book “The Therapeutic Electricity of Smudging: Cleaning Rituals To Purify Your Residence” is printed by Ulysses Push and available in all important bookstores.

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