5 Tips for house electrical renovation

5 Tips for house electrical renovation

Are you looking for electricians in Athens – ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ? Do you want to renovate your house? Then you should thoroughly examine your house before starting the electrical renovation process. You should also make the necessary checks on your home’s electrical wiring.

When we say electrical of course and we mean the electrical installations of our house, from the electrical panel and sockets to the wiring clearly and grounding.


How to properly renovate your house?


First you need to do this and once you have decided which is the right electrician for you, it is to discuss with him the needs of your house so that he can explain to you later how you should start.

A properly trained electrician will give you a relevant electrical study and can suggest solutions to do the necessary things quickly and simply, saving you unnecessary hassle and expense.


So, the necessary electrical work to be done is:


1. Maintenance and repairs to the existing electrical installation or its dismantling and installation of a new one, always depending on the requirements of the space.

2. The presence of grounding definitely needs to be checked, as there is almost always grounding in an electrical installation.

3. Inspection and replacement if deemed necessary, such as in old apartment buildings.

4. The electrical panel of both our house and our staircase should be checked or replaced, as well as the installation of a voltage escape relay in the house.

5. The old switches and sockets should be replaced, such as the TV switches or the telephone with new switches, as the needs for electricity are constantly increasing and at the same time the needs for sockets and switches are increasing.

At this point, the electrician, according to the study he has prepared, will proceed to the installation of new sockets and switches in your home to meet the individual needs in each room.

The installation of electrical appliances and lighting in your home comes to complete the process of renovation in electrical.


Why Is My TV Aerial Not Working?


There are few things worse, sit down to watch your favourite TV program or movie only to find a “No signal message” appear on your TV or have a TV picture that is completely unwatchable. You may be wondering amongst the frustration. Why is my TV aerial not working? You may be shouting this or throwing things at the same time, but this blog goes over some of the most common reasons why your TV aerial or antenna is not working properly and some of the things you can try to get it working again.

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No Signal From TV Aerial


There are lots of things that can cause you to lose your TV signal and one of the downsides of digital TV is that all problems will always present themselves in the same way. Pixelation or loss of picture altogether whereas in the analogue days you might get a flicking or your TV picture, a ghost or a rolling bar for example. The rolling bar was also called a “hum-bar” and was the result of a faulty TV aerial amplifier or power supply.

Anyway, just because your TV says, “no signal”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no signal. The TV’s themselves just put out that message, or something similar whenever there is a problem. They are not sophisticated enough to say anything else. Maybe one day they will say something like in a robotic voice. “I can’t show you a TV picture at the moment because the cable is waterlogged” or “I’m suffering from some 4G interference”. I’m sure you get the idea. I have tried to arrange this blog so that if you are frantically trying to fix this as you read, the most easily fixed are arranged first.

3 Things To Try When You Have No Picture On TV


1. Check the aerial cable connection


This sounds obvious, but I personally have attended numerous call-outs where the problem with the TV not working was the fact that the aerial had fallen out. This is most common when something has been pulled out, like the TV to hoover behind it or when the cat or dog has had a bit of a mis-adventure and tugged the leads.

To fix, look behind the TV to ensure the TV aerial cable is connected, if not look for loose aerial cable and plug this in if you find one.


2. TV is on the wrong source or wrong input


This is probably the most common, all it takes is to press the wrong button and you could end up with a no signal message. Once again if you are on the wrong TV input and getting a no signal message it does not mean if fact that you have no TV aerial signal, it means that you are getting no signal from whatever input is associated with the input or source that you have selected. For instance, if you have selected HDMI1 and you have a DVD player connected to it, it just means that the DVD player is not on, hence no signal, but no signal from the DVD player.

Because all TV’s makes, and models are different there is no definite hard and fast way to tell you how to get around this, especially if you don’t know your way around your TV or TV remote. But it is actually a very fast & easy fix.

To fix you need to find the button that switches the input on your TV. This is usually called ‘Source’, ‘Input’, ‘AV’ or just a picture of like a box with an arrow pointing out of it. Once you have located this, press it and this will bring up the list of the inputs on your TV. The may be loads of these, but you are looking for one that says TV or DTV. If you have a TV that says both then select DTV as the TV option is an analogue option which you almost certainly won’t be using these days. This process will get you back to the right place unless you’re using an external device for your TV, like a Hard drive recorder or set top box. In which case you need to find the input associated with that piece of equipment and select that option instead.


3. Amplifier or power supply unit is switched off


You may not have either one of these in your TV system but if you do you should check to make sure that these are in and switched on. It’s very common for these to be switched off, especially when they have been installed in different rooms to our TV because you could easily inadvertently think that it’s not in use and switch it off.

Call the appropriate electrician


Finally, it should be noted that it is useful to issue the certificate of electrician, which certifies the proper operation of the electrical installation of the building and is necessary for the change of name in PPC in cases of lease of property but also for the electrification of a new building.

The ideal way to renovate your space and make any changes to your electrical installations is to call a well-trained electrician. Because a good electrician in Athens of the company 24 hours technicians can give you solutions immediately.