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How do I orient the feng shui bagua map on a bedroom with two doors? and what is the ideal mattress position for this room? 

Kristina W., Pismo Beach, CA

Hi Kristina,

Thank you for your problem! In normal, for any house, you constantly orient the bagua map with the Kan line aligned with the wall wherever your principal door is found. The Kan line is the side of the bagua with the guas Gen (self-cultivation/know-how), Kan (job/path in existence), and Qian (travel/handy individuals). If you have two doorways, you want to find the bagua dependent on the formal door, or the doorway that is most like a official door.

In this scenario, we’re seeking at a bed room with two doors. I can see from searching at this ground prepare that the place was at first a eating space, and more of a pass-by means of place. It is not an ideal spot for anybody to be sleeping, but since this is what you’ve been offered, we’re likely to operate with it.

First, we have to determine out which door is the key door. I would suggest using the door struggling with the hallway, for the reason that you probably want to enter your home by means of the hallway and not via the kitchen area. Preferably, you want your bed room to be in a additional personal space of the dwelling, divided from additional public spaces like the kitchen. I’ve drawn the feng shui bagua map on your bed room making use of Door #1 as you’ve indicated.

Relating to the bed position, I’ve drawn up what I sense is the finest mattress location centered on the data that I have. If you use Door #1, you’d be in command of the place with the bed positioned as shown. You also wouldn’t have a stove or toilet directly behind you when you are in bed, both equally of which existing some feng shui troubles. You do have a doorway partly at the rear of you I would recommend locking that doorway, and not blocking it. In feng shui, doors stand for the mouths of the inhabitants, so locking or closing a door may possibly mean that section of your voice is closed off. It’s not best, but this is what you have and we can operate with it.

You also mentioned to me that you are acquiring a mattress frame–that’s undoubtedly the most important factor. You also informed me that this is a much more short-term living problem. This helps make perception, for the reason that bodily the place is a changeover place. It’s not the most effective locale for a bed room, but do the most effective you can. 

Great luck, and thanks again for submitting your problem!

by Anjie Cho

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