5 Tips for house electrical renovation

5 Tips for house electrical renovation

Are you looking for electricians in Athens – ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ? Do you want to renovate your house? Then you should thoroughly examine your house before starting the electrical renovation process. You should also make the necessary checks on your home’s electrical wiring.

When we say electrical of course and we mean the electrical installations of our house, from the electrical panel and sockets to the wiring clearly and grounding.


How to properly renovate your house?


First you need to do this and once you have decided which is the right electrician for you, it is to discuss with him the needs of your house so that he can explain to you later how you should start.

A properly trained electrician will give you a relevant electrical study and can suggest solutions to do the necessary things quickly and simply, saving you unnecessary hassle and expense.


So, the necessary electrical work to be done is:


1. Maintenance and repairs to the existing electrical installation or its dismantling and installation of a new one, always depending on the requirements of the space.

2. The presence of grounding definitely needs to be checked, as there is almost always grounding in an electrical installation.

3. Inspection and replacement if deemed necessary, such as in old apartment buildings.

4. The electrical panel of both our house and our staircase should be checked or replaced, as well as the installation of a voltage escape relay in the house.

5. The old switches and sockets should be replaced, such as the TV switches or the telephone with new switches, as the needs for electricity are constantly increasing and at the same time the needs for sockets and switches are increasing.

At this point, the electrician, according to the study he has prepared, will proceed to the installation of new sockets and switches in your home to meet the individual needs in each room.

The installation of electrical appliances and lighting in your home comes to complete the process of renovation in electrical.


Why Is My TV Aerial Not Working?


There are few things worse, sit down to watch your favourite TV program or movie only to find a “No signal message” appear on your TV or have a TV picture that is completely unwatchable. You may be wondering amongst the frustration. Why is my TV aerial not working? You may be shouting this or throwing things at the same time, but this blog goes over some of the most common reasons why your TV aerial or antenna is not working properly and some of the things you can try to get it working again.

Thanks for stopping by but please if you have any questions about this blog, or any other TV aerial, satellite, CCTV or AV questions for that matter please leave them in the comments section at the bottom of this blog or on the Smart Aerials YouTube channel . This is so everyone reading doesn’t get the benefit of the question answered and the answer given and because I do not have the ability to answer all the questions that come in otherwise. Please do not fill out our contact forms, live chat or call us unless you are looking to book in an installation or a quote and are in our coverage area in Athens, Greece.


No Signal From TV Aerial


There are lots of things that can cause you to lose your TV signal and one of the downsides of digital TV is that all problems will always present themselves in the same way. Pixelation or loss of picture altogether whereas in the analogue days you might get a flicking or your TV picture, a ghost or a rolling bar for example. The rolling bar was also called a “hum-bar” and was the result of a faulty TV aerial amplifier or power supply.

Anyway, just because your TV says, “no signal”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no signal. The TV’s themselves just put out that message, or something similar whenever there is a problem. They are not sophisticated enough to say anything else. Maybe one day they will say something like in a robotic voice. “I can’t show you a TV picture at the moment because the cable is waterlogged” or “I’m suffering from some 4G interference”. I’m sure you get the idea. I have tried to arrange this blog so that if you are frantically trying to fix this as you read, the most easily fixed are arranged first.

3 Things To Try When You Have No Picture On TV


1. Check the aerial cable connection


This sounds obvious, but I personally have attended numerous call-outs where the problem with the TV not working was the fact that the aerial had fallen out. This is most common when something has been pulled out, like the TV to hoover behind it or when the cat or dog has had a bit of a mis-adventure and tugged the leads.

To fix, look behind the TV to ensure the TV aerial cable is connected, if not look for loose aerial cable and plug this in if you find one.


2. TV is on the wrong source or wrong input


This is probably the most common, all it takes is to press the wrong button and you could end up with a no signal message. Once again if you are on the wrong TV input and getting a no signal message it does not mean if fact that you have no TV aerial signal, it means that you are getting no signal from whatever input is associated with the input or source that you have selected. For instance, if you have selected HDMI1 and you have a DVD player connected to it, it just means that the DVD player is not on, hence no signal, but no signal from the DVD player.

Because all TV’s makes, and models are different there is no definite hard and fast way to tell you how to get around this, especially if you don’t know your way around your TV or TV remote. But it is actually a very fast & easy fix.

To fix you need to find the button that switches the input on your TV. This is usually called ‘Source’, ‘Input’, ‘AV’ or just a picture of like a box with an arrow pointing out of it. Once you have located this, press it and this will bring up the list of the inputs on your TV. The may be loads of these, but you are looking for one that says TV or DTV. If you have a TV that says both then select DTV as the TV option is an analogue option which you almost certainly won’t be using these days. This process will get you back to the right place unless you’re using an external device for your TV, like a Hard drive recorder or set top box. In which case you need to find the input associated with that piece of equipment and select that option instead.


3. Amplifier or power supply unit is switched off


You may not have either one of these in your TV system but if you do you should check to make sure that these are in and switched on. It’s very common for these to be switched off, especially when they have been installed in different rooms to our TV because you could easily inadvertently think that it’s not in use and switch it off.

Call the appropriate electrician


Finally, it should be noted that it is useful to issue the certificate of electrician, which certifies the proper operation of the electrical installation of the building and is necessary for the change of name in PPC in cases of lease of property but also for the electrification of a new building.

The ideal way to renovate your space and make any changes to your electrical installations is to call a well-trained electrician. Because a good electrician in Athens of the company 24 hours technicians can give you solutions immediately.




15 Worth-It Products From Nordstrom’s Clearance Sale

HuffPost may well get a share from buys designed through one-way links on this web page. Selling prices and availability topic to modify.

For people who exclusively stocked up on leggings and extensive-sleeved loungewear when a remain-at-home get went into result in mid-March, the current heatwave washing more than much of the U.S. could possibly have you scouring your closet for dresses that won’t make you sweat.

The good news is, Nordstrom is internet hosting on a summer time sale you never want to skip.

You could possibly use the sale as a excellent excuse to snag airy activewear, light-weight summer months attire and sandals for strolling all around the property.

Probably the very best deal we have spotted is on this Leith Ruched Overall body-Con Tank Gown, with a 4.5-star ranking and extra than 3,000 opinions. It generally retails for $56, but it’s at present on sale for just $28. This cotton dress options ruching on one particular facet for a figure-flattering suit that can be dressed up for date evening and down for chilling on the sofa.

Hold scrolling for our information to the most value-it goods that are bundled in Nordstrom’s sale on sale.

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15 Small, American-Owned Businesses On Amazon To Know About

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change.

Supporting small, local businesses and being an Amazon shopper don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Here’s why.

For better or worse, Amazon has probably become a part of your everyday life in some way or another.

When you need a new swimsuit, you can have one delivered to your doorstep in about two days. If you want to tune out, you can put on episodes of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” via Prime Video. There are escapist books to read on your Kindle, groceries to get from Whole Foods on Amazon Fresh and even designer clothes to get on sale from Shopbop (which, you guessed it, is also owned by Amazon).

During these uncertain times, many of us are making an effort to shop local. We should all spend our money at independent businesses as much as we can, because doing so helps support our communities. But supporting small businesses and being an Amazon shopper don’t have to be mutually exclusive — and the reality is that for many Americans in more rural communities, retailers like Amazon and Walmart are often the most accessible and affordable choice.

Amazon Handmade is similar to Etsy, and was Amazon’s foray into the peer-to-peer goods marketplace back in 2015. Now, it’s a place for artisans and makers to sell their unique, handmade products.

Many of the small businesses seeing success on Amazon Handmade are owned by women and people of color because marketplace platforms like Etsy and Amazon Handmade create opportunities for small business owners to scale, grow business and reach new consumers.

Amazon Handmade guidelines are strict. Products sold on the platform are required to be made entirely by hand ― nothing mass-produced is allowed ― so you don’t have to worry as much about buying from scammy Amazon seller accounts, which run rampant across the regular Amazon Seller Marketplace.

There’s also a section dedicated to American-owned shops that lets you search by region and support local makers from the Southwest to the Northeast. We took a spin through Amazon Handmade and found everything from zero-waste soaps made in Indiana to custom-carved wooded housewares from Georgia.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite local Amazon Handmade shops that you can feel good about browsing.

Two Tumbleweeds


The Neighborgoods


Made By Deborah


This Utah-based Amazon Handmade shop specializes in modern, minimalist home decor. Find these concrete succulent pots for $65.

Holtz Leather Co.


The Sinclair Company


This Georgia-based Amazon Handmade shop specializes in engraved wooden kitchen items. Find this personalized wooden spoon for $25.

Oh Little Rabbit


All Barn Wood


Kaya Soaps


Schafer Art Studio


This Oregon-based Amazon Handmade shop specializes in wooden signs, leather journals and watercolors. Find this personalized family name sign for $60.

Manzanita Kids


This Washington-based Amazon Handmade shop specializes in handcrafted wooden toys. Find these natural wood blocks for $23.

Old Whaling Company


This South Carolina-based Amazon Handmade shop specializes in sea-inspired bath and body products. Find this body butter set for $60.

Adorn 512


This Illinois-based Amazon Handmade shop specializes in dainty handcrafted jewelry. Find this gold geometric ring for $64.

Honeycomb Studio


Shamarwyn: Natural Beauty & Alchemy


This Texas-based Amazon Handmade shop specializes in organic skin and hair products. Find this honeysuckle perfume oil for $18.

Curio Press


This Montana-based Amazon Handmade shop specializes in paper goods and stationery. Find this personalized modern stationery for $17 on Amazon Handmade.

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Why does your bathroom smell?

Why does your bathroom smell?

You know how some times you get into a bathroom Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– and it has a weird smell? Even if it has just be cleaned, you can detect an odor but you can not trace where it is coming from. If this is the case with your bathroom then this article is for you. Keep reading to find out why does your bathroom smell.


Either if you are experiencing unpleasant odors in your house, apartment or worse, business, you need to take action as the other members of your family or clients might get annoyed too. Imagine having issues like these when you own a shop or a restaurant! No one likes bad smells!

Let’s see what might cause these odors in your bathroom.


Mold is quite sneaky as sometimes you will not be able to see it. It grows behind furniture or under your sink and it causes a weird strong smell that can be very annoying. Mold can be found near water supply such as your pipes or walls behind which there are plumbing pipes. It is the result of extreme humidity and it is a common in most households.

If mold has been in your bathroom for a while, it could have turn your bathroom tiles, wall or pipes in a different color such as black or dark green. It can be removed with cleaning products that are targeting mold or even chlorine. Despite your efforts, mold might come back after a while but at least after cleaning it, you will have dealt with the smell.

Dirty Floor Drain

You might not think that the floor drain could cause smells but it is the most common reason for the unpleasant bathroom odors. We need to remind you that this drain is the central drain of your bathroom because every pipe of the room ends up there. So all the products from your sink, bathtub and toilet pass or gather up in this drain.

Let alone the washing machine! If your washing machine is located in your bathroom then all the leftover products from every wash, are ending up in the drain. Fluff from your clothes, laundry detergent even threads and buttons that break off of clothes could end up in there.

The build up of these products (hair, soap, threads etc.) cause a strong unpleasant smell. To get rid of it, you should consider cleaning your drain at least twice a year so that the build up can be prevented. Make sure to run some hot water through it every now and then too, so that any soap or other objects can be pushed away and down the pipes.

Clogged drain

The strong and unpleasant odors could also be caused due to a clogged drain. As mentioned above, the build up of the products in the bathroom drains, sink or bath tub can cause unpleasant smells. So if your drains are in the verge of a clog, unpleasant smells could exist in your bathroom.

When you are washing your hands, brushing your teeth or taking a shower, a small amount of hair, soap and toothpaste particles end up in your sink pipes. This is of course unintentional but it can cause a clog -Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη- in the future. Especially during the summer, your pipes can produce strong smells that come out to your bathroom and even your whole house!

To avoid these smells, cover your sink and bath tub drains with a small filter so that your hair and other object will not be able to end up in your drains. This way you will prolong the life of your pipes and at the same time prevent the build up and the bad odors!


Sometimes your bathroom might smell due to the high levels of humidity. When you are taking a bath and especially during winter time, the steam and the water from your hot baths can be inserted in the walls in the form of humidity. When you are not properly ventilate the area, humidity could cause bad smells.

Humidity is also the main cause of mold so you need to be extra careful. As we have already mentioned, mold is pretty hard to disappear from your house and it can be expanded easily. To prevent it from forming in your house, you should open the window of your bathroom as much as possible!

Lack of proper cleaning

The most obvious  reason that your bathroom smells, is the lack of proper cleaning. It could be that you are not using the right cleaning products or that simply you are not cleaning your bathroom as often as you should. You should clean your bathroom at least once or twice a week. If your family is large you should consider doing it more often than that!

Choose water-based cleaning products but with active ingredients such as borax. Once a month you should also use chlorine products so that you will disinfect your bathroom effectively.

Solutions for the bad bathroom smells

There are some extra solutions for the bad odors in your bathroom too and we will discuss them further down. You should bear in mind that every person cleans – Αποφράξεις Πεντέλη– their bathroom differently but there is some basic, fundamental cleaning advice.

Call a professional drain cleaning crew

The professional crew –Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς-, will clean your central drain for good, leaving your pipes clean and odor-free. You need to clean your plumbing system at least once a year if you want to be safe from clogs and bad smells, let alone more important disasters such as a flood for example.

You could also have your bathroom power-washed or cleaned with steam so that you will get rid of the mold and bacteria that are living in your walls and tiles. It is the most efficient way to get rid of the odors in your house.

Do It Yourself cleaners

You should also consider making your own cleaners out of products you already have in your kitchen cupboards. Salt, dish detergent, baking soda, lemon, borax and vinegar are just some examples that are efficient in cleaning your bathroom and leaving it fresh!

See more about blockage solutions


The Best Shows To Watch On Netflix In April 2020

Premise: In this comedy established by Dan Harmon, a group of misfits at a local community college or university grow to be inseparable very best good friends. All of them have distinctive personalities and skill sets they provide to the “literal” table, and they regularly hang all over to scheme about hijinks. Although their classes do not educate them substantially, their varying adventures assist them find out issues about who they are and who they want to become.

Setting: A community college in Colorado throughout the early 2010s

Netflix Descriptors: “Witty” and “irreverent”

How it commences: The to start with episode begins with an establishing shot of Greendale Neighborhood College or university. The uncomfortable dean of the college, dressed in a brief-sleeved, mustard yellow button-up shirt paired with a yellow tie, would make a stay announcement in front of a crowd.

“Uh, great early morning,” Dean Craig Pelton claims. “Many of you are halfway by means of your initially 7 days listed here at Greendale, and as your dean, I considered I would share a few thoughts of knowledge and inspiration. What is neighborhood college or university? Nicely, you have heard all sorts of factors …”

The display then introduces a few members of the primary forged as the dean reads various, offensive descriptors.

“You’ve read it’s loser school for remedial teenagers,” Dean Pelton suggests. “Twenty-a thing dropouts, center-aged divorcees and old people maintaining their minds energetic as they circle the drain of eternity. Which is what you’ve heard. Having said that, I want you luck!”

Noteworthy Solid: Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, Gillian Jacobs, Ken Jeong, Joel McHale, Danny Pudi and Jim Rash

Runtime: 110 episodes of around 21 minutes above six seasons

Bonus: Here’s Donald Glover conversing about leaving “Community” and, at the time, his new exhibit “Atlanta” on Fx:

Premise: In this cooking game show, 3 newbie bakers attempt to make pristine cakes in brief amounts of time. The demonstrate tends to recruit contestants that are terrible at baking, which means the contestants have no genuine shot at in fact creating one thing great. The hosts joyfully roast the varying baking fails and inject an infectious levity to the by now absurd premise.

Setting: Recreation exhibit established

Netflix Descriptors: “Quirky”

How it starts: Time 4 starts with the hosts sitting on golden thrones in decadent leisurewear. Equally put on large, shiny sun shades. “Servants” show up at to their whims. Host and comic Nicole Byer’s voice can be heard off-screen as she does a pretend interview in which she acts like a diva feigning humility about the show’s achievement.

Noteworthy Forged: Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres

Runtime: 27 episodes of approximately 32 minutes around four seasons

Bonus: Netflix compiled a couple of the greatest cake fails on the demonstrate so far:

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Headbands Are Now My Work-From-Home Hero When I’m Having A Bad Hair Day

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change.

Headbands are the unexpected work-from-home accessory that I’ve come to rely on during the workweek.

Like many 20-somethings, one of the most dramatic and defining shows of my teen years was “Gossip Girl.” While I was only 11 when the show debuted and only got an occasional glimpse of the first few episodes, I really got into it toward the show’s end when I was in high school.

Back when the first episode premiered in 2007, New York Magazine called it “the most important show of our time.” And just recently, with the news of a reboot in the works, there have been all kinds of retrospectives on its inclusion of indie music and iconic Thanksgiving episodes.

Those were two of the reasons I kept up with the show (and of course, the romances on the show, which in retrospect, weren’t always the best). But I truly was in it for the super chic costumes, especially to see what headband Blair Waldorf was going to wear next.

That’s how I became hooked on headbands.

I still have the first headband I ever purchased — a burgundy one with a knot in its center, gold beading and sequins from the brand NamJosh — that I wore until it almost wore out. My latest one? A black-and-white striped one from designer Autumn Adeigbo.

I now own more than a dozen statement headbands. Seventeen of them, to be exact.

Years of collecting later and I have yet to figure out how to store my headbands.

Years of collecting later and I have yet to figure out how to store my headbands.

Now that I’m working from home and have to look somewhat presentable on video chats with co-workers from the waist up (at least no one can see my mismatched socks), my headbands have become the unsung heroes of my morning routine. I’ve been putting on a headband almost daily since most of the time, I haven’t washed my hair in days, and Ouai dry shampoo can only do so much.

It’s a strange time: Rules don’t matter and everyone’s just staying in pajamas.

While headbands waned in popularity for some time post-“Gossip Girl” in favor of a blast from the past — scrunchies and embellished hair clips that were all over Instagram — we’ve come back to our senses. And now, the headband resurgence has begun.

There are padded headbands (thanks to a Prada runway show) that make you look like a Madonna in a Renaissance painting. There are thin headbands, à la Alice in Wonderland, that’ll go with almost anything. Bejeweled (like ones from Lele Sadoughi), braided (perfect for the milkmaid trend), and with a bow on top — headbands are everywhere.

They’re an of-the-moment accessory and particularly perfect for right now, when you might juggling a kiddo in one arm and a phone call in another. Just push back your uncombed locks and voila, none of your co-workers know that you’re having a bad hair day.

While there are those who swear by still wearing their usual workwear and others who currently just live in loungewear, you can only really see the heads of your co-workers floating around on those virtual meetings.

After all, a headband’s an easy way to make it look like you tried even when you’re tired.

Luckily, there are lots of headbands out there that will make bad hair days a thing of the past.

Gemelli Kylie Knotted Headband

Free People

Free People Bianca Bow Headband

Free People

NamJosh Bronze Headband


Lele Sadoughi Floral Lace Knotted Headband


Free People Lightning Soft Headband

Free People

NamJosh Black Velvet Embellished Headband


BaubleBar Annie Pearl Beaded Headband


ModCloth Prim Meets Punk Headband


Anthropologie Jeni Embellished Headband


Shashi Casino Headband


J.Crew Twist Headband With Beads


ModCloth Be A Star Headband


Hemant and Nandita Crystal Velvet Headband


Anthropologie Satin Headband


BP. Tie Dye Knotted Headband


& Other Stories Braided Satin Alice Headband

& Other Stories

Clare V. for Anthropologie Sabine Headband


Lele Sadoughi Neoprene Knotted Headband


Urban Outfitters Satin Braided Headband

Urban Outfitters

Anthropologie x Delpozo Embellished Headband


BaubleBar Twist Headband


& Other Stories Chunky Satin Alice Headband

& Other Stories

KITSCH X Justine Marjan Chain Headband

Urban Outfitters

Free People The Molly Headband

Free People

& Other Stories Satin Knot Alice Headband

& Other Stories

J.Crew Turban Knot Headband in Leopard


J.Crew Tortoise Headband


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What To Get A Guy For Valentine's Day That Isn't A Gadget

If the guy in your lifestyle is exhausted of just getting tech presents, he’ll actually value these presents that he can use all the time.

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Why Lower Interest Rates Haven’t Made Buying A Home More Affordable

Striving to go up the housing ladder is a elementary facet of the American Desire, but the deficiency of wage progress around the past year has been a substantial hurdle for thousands and thousands of Us residents.

New property gross sales unexpectedly fell for the 3rd straight month in December, dropping by .4%, according to the Commerce Department (economists polled by Reuters predicted new home product sales to rise 1.5%).

When central financial institutions reduce desire fees, it normally encourages folks to acquire houses, since it makes mortgages additional reasonably priced and stimulates need to construct new houses. The Fed cut charges a few occasions in 2019, and held charges steady in its to start with plan-environment conference of 2020, keeping fees in the existing target array of 1.50% to 1.75%.

So why aren’t lower prices – mortgage loan rates have been hovering at about 3.7% – boosting new dwelling revenue?

Household price ranges hold soaring

Wages have remained comparatively flat for most personnel, with the speed of hourly wage growth sliding underneath 3% in December for the to start with time since July 2018. But the selling price of new homes continues to be elevated with the median rate for a new residence climbing to $331,400, up .5% from a 12 months ago. A lack of residences on the marketplace has also served to hold home rates substantial. (The U.S. housing current market is brief 3.8 million new households, in accordance to a new Real estate assessment.)

Lots of Americans who can’t afford to pay for to purchase a house are sticking to leasing. “We’ve noticed an remarkable quantity of desire for residences and rentals as people have gotten burned from house value losses from again in 2008, 2009,” Hessam Nadji, CEO of Marcus & Millichap, explained to Yahoo Finance.

“And the new generation desires to be more versatile and extra cellular. They prefer to hire. All of our apartment investors have benefitted from that across the nation,” he said.

Trump’s tax legislation reduced property purchasing incentive

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act diminished the quantity homeowners can deduct from interest paid out on their home loans to up to $750,000 really worth of principal, building the tax split for possessing a house significantly less powerful.

“A younger few or one grownup expert that may well have gotten a tax break by obtaining a home, now seriously doesn’t have to have that tax split as significantly mainly because the tax regulation improved. They are additional probable to continue to be in a rental condominium,” stated Nadji. “And the similar issue with center class, or midtier property owner that would have generally stepped up to the following pricing tier and the deductibility over $1 million of mortgage loan, of course, went way down.”

Very low fascination charges, even though, have presented a compact boost to revenue of existing residences, which represent about 90% of U.S. residence revenue. Earlier owned household profits jumped 10% yr-more than-calendar year in December.

“New residences are the natural way extra high-priced than present houses and so affordability turns into even a more substantial aspect,” stated Nadji, adding, “especially as people remain in their rental housing for a longer time which is what they’re carrying out and are significantly less incentivized to purchase new households than they have been in other cycles.”

Most People really do not anticipate improved funds to final result from Trump’s overall economy: survey

Democratic discussion: Democrats rip apart Trump’s reelection playbook

UBS: Oil costs may well prompt consumers to request for bigger pay back

How inhabitants growth will influence Republicans in the 2024 election

‘We squandered a significant financial recovery’: Harvard professor

Go through the latest monetary and organization information from Yahoo Finance

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