2020 Chinese New Year and Feng Shui

The Chinese New Calendar year, also identified as the Lunar New Year, is one particular of the largest celebrations in Chinese society. It is a extensive celebration that lasts for 15 times. For the reason that it depends on the moon cycle — Chinese New Yr is on the 2nd New Moon of the calendar year — it comes on a various day just about every yr and is deemed to be the beginning of Spring. Each individual calendar year, as you probably know, has a certain Chinese zodiac animal, as well as a feng shui element affiliated with it. This determines the top quality of vitality in the New 12 months.

2020 is the 12 months of the Metallic Rat. It commences on January 25, 2020. For the common feng shui practitioners and enthusiasts, this is also the time to modify the once-a-year feng shui cures. We have all the assets you want below, from the annual feng shui strategies to certain feng shui cures.

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There are various essentials in celebrating the Chinese New Calendar year. First, it is essential to clean your dwelling thoroughly, as very well as use some space clearing to guarantee the feng shui electrical power in your household is apparent. This is best performed just before the day of the New 12 months so that the clear power can settle in. In Chinese tradition cleansing on the initial couple of times of the New Yr is considered bad luck, so finest to clear the household in progress and preserve the dwelling peaceful and clean.

2nd, a lot consideration is staying presented to precise decorations that are used for the New 12 months, both as feng shui cures for the calendar year, as perfectly as New Calendar year decor. You may have noticed that Chinese homes (and firms) are adorned with quite a few merchandise in the auspicious power of the crimson shade with a variety of golden decor items carrying the symbols of Happiness, Longevity, Prosperity, etc. Numerous bouquets and fruits are also utilized in New Year’s decorations for their specific meaning and electrical power.

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Generally, any and all efforts are directed in direction of developing clear and harmonious electricity in buy to welcome and anchor the blessings of the New Year. As with any celebration, the colours one particular wears during the New Calendar year celebration are considered vital. Most Chinese people today use new garments for the New Year celebration to honor the beginning of new power. Wearing certain colors just about every yr based mostly on the power of the ruling zodiac signal/animal of the New 12 months is also a well known custom.

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Foods, of system, is a significant component of the New Year’s celebrations with a variety of classic dishes served due to the fact of their this means and association with distinct energies. For illustration “fish” in Cantonese sounds like “abundance“, so there is generally a fish dish at the Chinese New Yr celebration. The uncut noodles symbolize a long lifestyle, although the a lot of sweet dishes are expressions of hope for sweetness in the New Year. The mandarin oranges are a must at the Chinese New Year table simply because they are a symbol of fantastic luck, also referred to as golden luck.

The morning soon after the New Year’s working day numerous standard red envelopes with a bit of cash in them are supplied to kids and close friends. This symbolizes a aiding hand from the older technology to the youthful just one, as properly as the needs for prosperity and money very well-currently being. Small gifts are also exchanged among loved ones members and friends. The Chinese New Yr celebration lasts for 15 times with the Festival of Lanterns getting the end result of this huge vacation. This is the day when hundreds of candles are lit to symbolize the coming of the clean gentle of the New Year.

Either you pick to adhere to the standard Chinese customs for celebrating the New Yr or not, what is really important is to have your heart open up to welcome a manufacturer new commencing. And, of course, to have your space replicate this freshness and openness with a superior feng shui stream of power in it.

2020 Chinese New Year and Feng Shui

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